Saturday, April 13, 2013

Body Combat for you

Became one of the latest trends in the gym, it's the body combat, an experience that will help you eliminate stress and the extra kilos.

This sport is performed in front of the mirror and is a mixture of kick boxing, karate, boxing, tai chi, and full contact without physical contact with the rhythm of the music.

It is a very intense aerobic work where start working all muscle groups, especially the superiors: arms, shoulders, abdominals and back.

It is a great cardiovascular workout and working so intensely to the upper part of the body, serves as an ideal complement for other kinds of aerobics who forget the upper muscles.
If you want to notice the effects of the body combat quickly, you should practice it at least three times a week.

In this practice you play much with music, since with each song a muscle group is working. Each song has a choreography and stays for a while so that you become familiar with the rhythms and you can focus on working more hard exercise.

What you can achieve with this sport is to enhance the strength, flexibility and resistance, as well as the coordination and balance. In addition, you decrease stress and increase the feeling of well-being.

Dare to practice taking into account improvements the cardio, cardio resistance and it is an excellent help to burn fat. In addition, it increases bone density and helps to improve posture and stability.

This exercise anyone can practice it even those who are not great athletes can be found in a kind of body combat a good choice of sport and health.